Why did Hills Spirit FC align with the new Hills Football Association?

Hills Spirit FC has a long and proud association with the NSWCFA. After much consideration and consultation, our club decided to join as a foundation member of the new Hills Football Association. This decision means we will be able to compete in a locally based competition against other Hills based football clubs. The new association is fully sanctioned by Football NSW and this decision was made in the best interest of our club members and players, and for the long-term future viability of this proud club.

Hills Spirit FC will still provide the opportunity for our teams to compete in the NSWCFA competition, if this is expressed as a preference.

When do registrations open for the 2017 season?

Online registrations for all clubs in the new Hills Football Association are expected to be open on the 2nd January 2017. We will keep all our members updated on these developments and will also aim to hold an open day early next year.

What happens to our field allocation now that we are no longer with NSWCFA?

Like all other clubs competing in the new Hills Football Association, Hills Spirit FC have applied directly to Hills Council for our 2017 winter ground allocation. If successful, our club will have full control of our ground and all the allocations, which is a great move forward for our club. We are confident we will be granted the same ground in which we played during the 2016 winter competition.

How is grading going to work for Hills Spirit FC this season?

Under the NSWCFA there was no grading for junior competition. In the new Hills Football Association there will be graded competitions from Under 8s onwards. There is no grading for Under 6s and Under 7s. In line with our core values, we will look to grade at a team level, where possible. All existing teams looking to return and play together will be graded as a team. We will obviously form new teams from individual registrations and these teams will be graded together also.

How will the process work of grading teams rather than individuals?

We will arrange trial matches against other Hills Spirit teams and/or other teams from clubs within the Hills Football Association in order to appropriately grade our teams for the season ahead. If there are a large number of new registrations within any given age group, we will consider holding open trials for grading if there are no or limited playing preferences amongst this group. Our club will always look to honour playing requests as a preference wherever possible.

When will teams for 2017 be finalised?

Returning teams can be finalised once the full list of registrations are received. We will aim to finalise all teams as early as possible in time to arrange some key trial matches to grade teams for the 2017 season. Early March is likely to be a critical deadline for this.

When will coaches and managers be appointed to teams?

Once teams are finalised we will aim to appoint coaches and managers as quickly as possible.

What night will training be held?

The allocated training night is coordinated by the team coach and manager in consultation with the parent group. Obviously the availability of the coach is critical in this decision as is the preferences of the majority of the team parent group. Training is usually held one night per week.

How old does my child have to be to play?

To be eligible for U6s your child must be turning 5 in the 2017 calendar year. The club will consider 4 year olds on an individual basis.

Can girls play for Hills Spirit alongside boys? Are there girl only teams?

The girl only competitions are rapidly growing in The Hills. The association also has an over 35s ladies only competition played on Friday nights. At a junior level, girls can play in combined teams with boys, and our club would be happy to field girl only teams across any eligible age group if we have sufficient numbers to do so.

What uniform gets provided by the club and what gear do I need to supply for my child?

Club shirts and socks will be included as part of your registration costs and club shorts can be purchased through the club. The club shirt is returned back to the club at the completion of each season. We aim to have all uniforms available prior to the start of the season.

Each player will be required to provide their own boots and shin pads.

When does the season start?

No start date has been confirmed as yet for season 2017, however we usually aim to kick-off around the first week in April.

How can I assist the club throughout the season?

As our club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers we rely on additional help from the teams throughout the season. On the Saturday throughout the season your team will be required to assist with set up, BBQ, pack up and other duties as required on their allocated week. The number of allocated weeks will depend on the number of teams.