Dear Hills Spirit FC Community,


Fun, Friendship & Community ……a commitment from all of us…….

Our committee has received some recent feedback regarding bullying and misbehaving during training sessions for some of our teams. Kids will be kids and we can all appreciate this, and there is a lot of hyperactivity during fun training sessions which is a great thing. Our coaches are volunteers and dedicating their time to ensure our children’s soccer experience is enjoyable. It is extremely difficult for a single person to be running training drills and also be watching what is going on behind their back during these sessions. It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure our kids are having fun at training but not misbehaving and following instructions and being respectful of their team mates.

I would encourage parents to be active during training, give the coach as much assistance as they need during the sessions and to keep an eye on all the kids as they enjoy training with their friends. If any incidents do occur, the kids need to be made aware and punished accordingly (simple things such as running a lap or sitting out the next drill). They are all there to have fun and we just need to ensure it’s controlled and doesn’t get out of hand!

This is a great community club built on friendships first………Fun, Friendship and Community. It’s been a great season so far and my feedback is all teams are really enjoying themselves. Let’s keep up the great spirit and morale at the club – it really sets us apart from others!

Hills Spirit FC Wine Packs!

It’s finally here – please see attached an order form to request Hills Spirit FC branded wine. This is available in both Red and White (see attached). Orders can be placed in blocks of 3, 6, 9 or 12 bottles. Please send all order forms through to Jeanette at, or if you have any questions, please contact Jeanette on 0417063606.

This offer will be available for a limited time only (approx 3 weeks). Jeanette will place all orders at the same time once the time period has elapsed. Do not send any orders directly to Prospect Wines. Jeanette will also distribute hard copy order forms to all team managers to give to parents (making it easy to order).

I hope our community gets behind this initiative a grabs some bottles of Hills Spirit FC branded wine!

Team Photo Day Bookings

Please see below your team bookings for photo day. Please review carefully and discuss with your coaches and managers. If players are going to be away, Ian can reschedule if required, and also, any changes to the playing schedule may impact on these bookings. Could all team managers then please contact Ian on 0416252939 to confirm your allocated booking.

All photos are to be taken at our home ground……..

Sat 17th June

Grades               Photo time     Game time

Tigers                    08.00                09.15

Flamingos             08.15                09.15

Cubs                      08.30                09.15

Sharks                   08.45                09.15

Under 9 Rabbits    09:40               10:15

Under 10 3s           10:00                10:30

Under 9 Roos        10:30                11:05

Under 8 Sharks     11:15                11:55


Sat 24th June

Hedgehogs              08.00               09.15

Hippos                     08.15               09.15

Panthers                  08.30               09.15

Pumas                     08.45               09.15

Under 9 Sharks      10:40                11:15

Under 10 6s            11:15                12:00


Yours in sport,

Mark McCrea, President Hills Spirit FC.