Welcome to Hills Spirit FC 2020

After a successful 2019, Hill Spirit FC is looking forward to an exciting season for 2020.

The newly developed facilities and fields at Arnold Avenue Reserve accommodated our end of season presentation day. Now that our club has finalised the move of all equipment into the new building we are eager to welcome our club members, new and old.
Being the newest of developed sporting facilities in the Hills Council area, Arnold Avenue, with two fields allows us to enthusiastically welcome new players and members to the club. We look forward to continuing to provide teams with the best training and playing options.

As well as our game day training this year we will have an additional training night for our minis to help build player skills and offer coaches new techniques for their teams.
We have partnered with Hills Football who will supply qualified coaches to deliver a program one night a week. This will ensure we as a club contribute to player development while maintaining enjoyment and passion for the sport.
All this, as well as full uniform for minis is covered in the player’s registration fee at no extra cost.
This is hoped to be rolled out gradually to other age groups as we develop and perfect the project.
For all other players we continue to supply the use of a jersey and new socks within their registration cost. Shorts are additionally available for purchase from the club.

Development for our senior teams will be another focus for our club during 2020. Optimum training and playing times will launch to better suit these members. This is now possible with our added facilities and two fields.

We are overjoyed to be able to nurture our community and continued growth over the next 12 months.


Open on the 2nd of January

If registering for a child, you can get your Active Kids Voucher (if eligible) from Here-

If you are a new or a returning participant, you can access or open a new account with Playfootball here

Registration will take ten minutes. Have your
Active Kids Voucher( if eligible)
Credit Card
And a Photo
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me

Looking forward to a great 2020.

Steve Wright
President HSFC