The Hills Spirit Football Club is an incorporated association registered as a community soccer club in the Hills District and is
governed by an elected Executive Committee.

The Hills Spirit Football Club has a proud 38 year tradition of building teams from the local Catholic Schools. The Club was created from OLOR Kellyville
and was joined by St Angela’s Castle Hill, then Our Lady of the Angels Rouse Hill & now John XXIII Stanhope.

The club is non-graded and works to build the school community by encouraging classmates and friends to play together, building life-long friendships
between children and parents.


The mission of the Hills Spirit FC is to maintain our tradition of fun, friendship and community values. The club aims to provide personal enjoyment and to enhance the social skills, life skills and football skills of our club community, and to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to play football

We are a club of integrity, honesty and respect, and we provide a fun, friendly family atmosphere for all our players, parents, officials and volunteers. We will work together with the local community to ensure the future of our club. Through our hard work and dedication to provide a fun and harmonious environment we will retain our current players and recruit new players from the local schools and the local community to play at our club.


The Hills Spirit FC aspires to provide an enjoyable, high quality sporting and educational experience for all of our players.

Through the principles of positive coaching, supported by the core values of friendship, acceptance, teamwork and respect, all Hills Spirit FC players will have fun and build lasting relationships through their association with our club.

All players will feel like an important part of their team regardless of performance or skill-levels, learn important “life lessons” that have lasting value beyond soccer and the playing field and learn the skills, values, tactics and strategies of football and improve as players.


The values of the Hills Spirit FC are the core of what our club is and what we cherish.
They represent our club’s highest priorities and deeply held driving forces and beliefs.

The core values of the Hills Spirit FC include the following:

Friendship over results:
Whilst winning is always more fun, we value participation and enjoyment over results. We pride ourselves on being a non-graded club, allowing friends and classmates the choice to play together regardless of skill levels.

Community focused:
We are a community based club relying on the generosity and commitment from a dedicated group of volunteers. Our players are recruited from local catholic schools and from within our local community, with friendship and community unity a core strength of our club.

Integrity and Respect:
Our club officials, coaches & managers, parents and players will deal with one another and our competitors with the utmost respect. We will act with integrity at all times while representing our club and dealing with others.

Personal Development:
Whilst recognising on field ability and results increases personal satisfaction, as a club we value personal development and life skills over football skills. Integral to our core beliefs is for our players to develop important life skills that extend beyond the playing field.

Unity and Positive Behaviour:
As a community based club, we value the unity from within our local community and the coming together as a football community to make decisions in the best interest of our club, players and parents. We value the positive behaviour of everybody involved in our club, and we will pro-actively address negative behaviour within the club to ensure unity within our football community.

Our club is focused on building a strong and positive culture based on the core elements of Respect (for team mates, opposition, officials and volunteers …… everybody), Safety (players and members health is a top priority), Confidence (make a positive impact to our club and community), Humility (win and lose with grace), and Responsibility (we are all accountable for our own actions and areas of responsibility).

Our club values leadership – we don’t stand by but help address the situation. We are all mentors and have key attributes to share with others within our club.
All of us are role models who can provide positive inspiration to others in the community. We can all help make decisions and positively impact situations that confront our club.


The Hills Spirit FC has served in the local Hills community for the past 38 years, recognized as one of the longest serving soccer club in the Hills District. Our short to medium term strategic goals will continue to ensure that our club remains an integral part of the Hills District sporting community for many years to follow.

Our key strategic goals are outlined below:

  • To consistently reach a target of 250+ registered players year on year
  • To have registered team from U6s through to U16s in junior competitions
  • Have the ability to offer graded and non-graded playing options to players within our club structure
  • Increase the number of senior teams at the club
  • Field competitive teams in a junior girls competition, and ultimately, also senior competitions
  • Operate with our own fully functioning club house and canteen facilities
  • Increase our number of key sponsors in order to increase revenue and maximize marketing opportunities and provide further development opportunities for our players
  • Have greater control and leverage over our own playing field/s and to manage/allocate training and playing schedules accordingly
  • Expand our footprint further into the schools in the local area. Increase our presence at John 23, Stanhope, align our club with Holy Cross, Glenwood,
    and re-establish a footprint with OLA, Rouse Hill
  • To be the “club of choice” for players wishing to play with their mates